Book Cover - Book Review: Time Off: A Practical Guide to Building Your Rest Ethic and Finding Success Without the Stress

The last decades of busyness work cannot be considered quality work. The greatest minds in history understood the need for time off. Using history as the best evidence, you will learn from Aristotle, Beethoven, and also from famous innovators, Nobel Prize winners, prolific artists and so much more. You will understand why time off will help you live a happier, fulfilled life, and at the same time, make you more productive and creative than you have ever been. You cannot be successful in the long-term feeling overwhelmed. Success requires time off.

What I love about this book is that the focus is on being more creative, not simply on slowing down. This book will make you enjoy time off without feeling guilty. Using the latest research about creativity, sleep, play and a wealth of inspiring stories, Time Off will help you develop a better work ethic AND a rest ethic.

Predictions are hard, especially about the future of the workplace. Working long hours will probably not be as “effective” when IA will be omnipresent. The book makes a great argument about embracing time off to stay relevant. The future of the workplace must integrate our potential of creative human beings that desperately need time off for that.

About the author

Julien Sobczak works as a software developer for Scaleway, a French cloud provider. He is a passionate reader who likes to see the world differently to measure the extent of his ignorance. His main areas of interest are productivity (doing less and better), human potential, and everything that contributes in being a better person (including a better dad and a better developer).

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