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Diary of a Life Long Learner
Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever — Gandhi

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About me

My name is Julien Sobczak.
I am a software developer.

Since 2008, I'm been working mainly as a Java Web Developer, and now, I'm focusing on distributed systems using different languages including Go and Python.

I work for Scaleway, one of the biggest European cloud providers. Previously, I was working for Zenika, a leading software company, ranked #1 on the Great Place to Work (2018) in France.

I have a strong interest in everything that is related to developer productivity: deliberate practice, clean code, memory techniques, speed reading, sport programming, and so on.

The more I learn about my job, the more I realize how less I know but the more I like it, so I do my best to learn something new every day!

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