Book Cover - Book Review: The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence

This book is one of the most interesting books about learning. You will discover the path to mastery from the trenches.

The book is mostly written as a memoir, relating the journey of the author to conquer chess and martial art tournaments. Having a basic understanding of these disciplines is preferable to appreciate the content and the subtle lessons. I loved the first part (about chess). I failed to grasp the second one (about the martial art Tai Chi Chuan). The last part puts it all together and is closer to a self-help book.

The Art of Learning is more an entertaining reading than a practical book with clear principles and practices to try. You don’t need this book if you just want to learn a new skill. But if you want to engage seriously in a discipline, what you will learn in this book is precious and as unique as the author’s experience.

About the author

Julien Sobczak works as a software developer for Scaleway, a French cloud provider. He is a passionate reader who likes to see the world differently to measure the extent of his ignorance. His main areas of interest are productivity (doing less and better), human potential, and everything that contributes in being a better person (including a better dad and a better developer).

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