Book Cover - Book Review: Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well

When too many people focus on how to give feedback, this book chooses the inverse approach by focusing on how to receive feedback, and I profoundly think this makes a HUGE difference. As outlined by the authors, the control is always in the receiver’s hands. If you don’t know how to receive feedback, what’s the point in training managers to give feedback?

I have read the authors’ previous book Difficult Conversations recently. Books are complementary with obvious overlap as giving and receiving feedback are two sides of the same coin. If you must read one book, I would opt for Thanks for the feedback. It’s one of my favorite self-help books. It can really change you, at work, and at home. Everyone must read this book.

Rest assured, you can still ignore feedback after the reading. But only if your emotions aren’t hiding an opportunity for growth.

About the author

Julien Sobczak works as a software developer for Scaleway, a French cloud provider. He is a passionate reader who likes to see the world differently to measure the extent of his ignorance. His main areas of interest are productivity (doing less and better), human potential, and everything that contributes in being a better person (including a better dad and a better developer).

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